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 浙江省国贸9159.com 成立于2008年,由原荣大、中大、东方三大省属9159.com合并重组而成,是省政府投资设立的国有独资企业。9159.com成立以来,在省委省政府、省国资委的正确领导和高度重视下,社会各界的支撑和帮助下,9159.com资产总额、销售收入、利润总额等主要经营指标取得了较好增长。 ??????
      根据浙江省委省政府“干好一三五,实现四翻番”的决策部署,浙江省国贸9159.com致力于打造商贸流通、金融服务和医药健康三大业务板块,与世界上213个国家和地区建立贸易合作关系,经营的出口商品多达210个大类品种,主要为纺织服装产品、轻工业品、医化产品、农副产品、机电产品等。同时,积极做好外贸转型升级工作,推进电商换市、创品牌产品、与浙商合作9159金沙官网量子通讯、生物制药、新能源等新兴产业的投资项目。在此,我谨代表全体员工向多年来关心支撑企业改革与9159金沙官网的各位领导、各界朋友、海内外客商表示崇高的敬意和衷心的感谢!? ???? ?
       站在新的起点,面对新的形势,深知任重而道远。展望未来,大家将秉承"厚德载物、融通四海"的核心价值观和"持续创造价值、服务和谐社会"的历史使命,团结协作,齐心协力,把9159.com建设成为开拓创新、持续9159金沙官网的和谐幸福企业。 ??????
Zhejiang International Business Group Co. Ltd (hereinafter called “ZIB”) is a wholly state-owned company invested by the People’s Government of Zhejiang Province, founded in 2008 after the merging and restructuring of the former three big provincial trade groups of Rongda, Zhongda and Oriental. Ever since the founding the major operating targets of ZIB such as sales revenues, total amount of profit etc have attained a quite good growth thanks to the correct leadership and high attention of the Provincial the People’s Government and the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, and the support and help by the different circles of the society.
       As per its development strategy plan ZIB is currently committed to boosting the three major business segments of trade flow, financial service and industrial investment. While uplifting the development of trade flow ZIB vigorously cultivates the financial and financially-related businesses of trust, insurance, futures, funds, lease, assets management etc. Initial fruits are borne in the industrial investments in real estate, yellow wine, bio-pharmaceuticals, hydraulic turbine manufacturing as well as overseas energy project contracting and textiles and garments. Hereby I would like to, on behalf of all our staffs, express our high respect and heart-felt thanks to the leaders, friends from different circles and customers both at home and abroad for their years of care and support in our reform and development!
       Standing at the new start and facing the new situation we are fully aware that our task is heavy and road long. Looking forward we will follow our core value concept of “Be Supportive with Large Virtue, Keep Business Connections Well with the World” and take the historical mission of “ Progressively Create Value, Serve Harmonious Society” , unite and coordinate, make joint efforts with one heart to build ZIB a harmonious and happy enterprise with cultivation, innovation and sustainable development.
       A bosom friend afar brings distant land near. We wish our website may serve as a bridge for you to understand us. ZIB sincerely looks forward to the exchange and cooperation with friends both at home and abroad for our common development.
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